Where will the courses take place?

We will be welcomed by the Dojo F.I.A.G.F of Rumilly located at 18 Avenue des Alpes, Rumilly, France.

Who are the classes for?

The classes are for anyone wishing to discover yoga and meditation or simply join a regular group of meditators. No experience is required. Curiosity will be our best ally here.

Should I register for the year?

No, you can come every Friday as well as once a year, you choose. Just let us know when you are coming to make sure there is room.

I don’t know my level

That’s good, that’s the whole point of these courses. There is no need for levels here, the more novice you are, the better. We are here to listen to our bodies and do the opposite of what we are taught when we are told to do our best : let go.

What are the benefits of yoga-meditation?

Yoga-meditation™ is an exclusive practice that combines the benefits of yoga (coordination, body awareness, physical well-being) with those of meditation (inner well-being, calm, serenity, letting go). By combining these two practices, we will strive to feel and discover the benefits that it brings us. It is by practicing and feeling the things taking place in your being that we will be able to answer this question.

What will my commitments be?

By registering for classes, you agree to be punctual, to respect each other’s differences and development, to bring your equipment and to leave your pride in the locker rooms.

Who is Ben Gananda?

Passionated about spiritual practices and holder of a WHO-recognized diploma in Ayurvedic practice, I have been practicing meditation for 7 years and yoga for 5 years. Today, I would like to share my experiences with you by offering yoga-meditation classes as well as meditation sessions. You can also find me in my theater lessons since I am also an artistic director as well as an actor in a professional theater company, the Empreinte company.

What is the price of the courses?

Classes can accommodate a maximum of 15 students, which is why I ask you to reserve your place from one week to the next. They will be at the fixed price of 10 € per session. You also have the option of obtaining a 10-lesson card for € 70.

Despite the situation, I have it on my heart to keep offering the classes to continue working and not loosing the educational continuity. Thus, a class will be given freely every Fridays from 4 PM GMT+1 to 5 PM GMT+1 via GoogleMeet. All level and ages welcome.

To do so, please register here to receive the link to the course.

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