Practical Guide: How to Cultivate Body Regeneration

And Stop Wasting Away Day After Day

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As a new lockdown begins in France, it is legitimate to wonder about health.

Is it really possible de live in full health? Moreover during a pandemic? Or are we simply destined to live in a non-ending anxiety?

Do we really have to suffer these headaches over and over again, to maintain these pains that have been lingering in our bodies for so many years?

Surely you know my answer : NO WE DON’T.

It is quite possible to live in full harmony in one’s body and mind, and that is the subject of today’s article.

Don’t you know that our bodies have the power to heal themselves?

Those that say that we start to waste away from the moment we are born are wrong. In fact, when we are born, we start to heal.

We are not dying but healing beings.

And fortunately for you, by the end of this article you will know :

It is very easy to fall into the trap of self-destruction and even if as a human being we are necessarily looking for the most complicated way to solve a problem, let me show you that in life

Simple things are often the best. (And the more efficient)

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What is the mind-body connection?

When we talk about the connection between the body and the mind, we talk about this capacity we all have to control our body with our head. Consciously or not.

When we are afraid, our whole body is alert : our heart rate is accelerating, blood flow is saturated and directed to the muscles to be ready to flee from danger. In short, once we send fear signals from an exterior event, our body translates it in a way, and increases the production of certain hormones, regardless of the subsequent consequences.

On the contrary, if we meditate for example, the opposite effect is happening in our bodies. Sweating decreases, heart rate and blood pressure also, breathing is slow, stress hormones are produced very little while the production of anti-aging hormones increases thanks to the production of dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin. In short, by choosing to meditate and to send signals of « well being » to our brain, it will take the responsibility of maintaining this well-being to our cells.

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This mind-body connection would then be this « power » that is available to us and that would link our heart with our head in a way.

By sending well-being signals to our body, we will therefore also send healing signals at the same time. Gregg Braden explains it in his research. If we strive to synchronize our head with our heart, then we restore the inherent capacities of our body.

Bodily healing, and more precisely healing by thought is therefore the capacity, available, free and unlimited that we all have, to be able to heal our body with our thoughts. As if our thoughts were simply that same force of vitality that we want to give to our heart. A force that would therefore be translated into energy.

How is it efficient in the self-healing process of the body?

Our body is made of energy. We must therefore heal this energy. It is not necessarily useful to understand how our body is scientifically energy and how it regenerates; our body will succeed, whether it comes to our consciousness or not.

The only thing that would certainly be necessary to do is to bring a certain consciousness to the body, a consciousness that is still here translated into energy. This energy would even emanate from our thoughts and emotions.

To bring consciousness to the body simply means to deliberately choose to secrete positive energy in our body, sending signals of well-being or fear for example as mentioned above.

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As we saw in the article 4 Different Ways Our Body Ingest Energy, our emotions can be classified on a scale of consciousness from shame for the lowest feeling in energy to enlightenment for the highest feeling. However, these emotions do not necessarily have to create negativity. And it is this negativity that we must distance ourselves from in order to lift ourselves up and to heal. And I am not necessarily speaking here of spiritual elevation.

From the moment we create resistance within ourselves, we create negativity. This negativity can even go as far as to create a bodily feeling of suffering.

The problem with negativity, as Eckhart Tolle so aptly put it, is that « there comes a point where you don’t want to get rid of it, once you’ve identified with it and on a deep unconscious level, you don’t want any positive change, because it would threaten your identity as a depressed, angry or unfairly treated person. Therefore, you will ignore, deny or sabotage what is positive in your life. It is even a very common phenomenon.

Therefore, if you give yourself a moment to synchronize your heart with your head and simply become aware of it, you allow your cells to move freely in your body and thus allow your being to vibrate to its full potential and to express all the magnificence of what it is capable of.

Regenerative medicine is a medicine increasingly recognized for its actions. The best known research is done at the McGowan Institute, USA and at the University of Poitiers, France.

We are beings who are healed all the time and these institutes prove this day by day. Through research, and over the past 40 years, researchers have discovered the extraordinary power of stem cells. They might be able to regenerate almost any part of our body. They might be able to heal us completely, to regenerate us.

Abilities that are shared by several animals and that the magazine Science et Vie quotes as the “advent of the lizard man” so promising are these discoveries. But it is not only the lizard that has the power to regenerate when it loses a limb but the starfish that is ready to drop one of its arms during an attack. What if this power was already within us, present long before this research began? Do we not know that it is possible to remove the liver of a person who has it ill so that it can regenerate?

Why then, if we already have this power within us, could it not be inscribed in other cells of our body?

The natural state of our body is a state of health, that is what it wants to strive for. It is not logical to think that we are always sick or that we would always have to improve in our health. Our body is made to be well and if it is well fed, in every possible way, it has no reason to malfunction.

In what circumstances is it ineffective?

Of course, I’m not saying that these techniques should replace allopathic medicine, but I’m certain of their positive effects on the development of stem cells and the regenerative capacities of our bodies.

Little by little, it will even be possible to function again without drugs. Some techniques even boast of curing mental illnesses. I am far from saying that, but once again, with time, patience and a little goodwill, mountains can be moved.

This is where the body-mind connection will not be effective. When we only have negative thoughts about ourselves and are convinced of the malfunction of our cells.

As I say it in my article On Being Childlike, we must cultivate this unique curiosity that all children hold and that allows us to rediscover the magic of life day after day.

It is like this moment at the end of a yoga session, after the final position Shavassana, or the corpse position, where we take for a moment the shape of a fetus before we can sit again and be reborn to a new day. Discover my article Yoga as a Path to Transformation.

We have the power to be reborn and to create infinite possibilities, everyday. On the spiritual level for one part but also on the physical level.

What prevents it from functioning properly?

As mentioned above, and even if many of us have already heard it and we have not necessarily believed it, a bad lifestyle will definitely prevent the proper functioning of our body.

If I eat badly, I will also feel bad, if I listen to music too loud for too long I will necessarily hurt my ears, if I only watch horror movies my body will be on alert most of the week ; If I do not shower at least a little I will store viruses and bacterias… Ultimately, if I cultivate negative energies, they are the ones I will reap.

If I focus on my pain, I will give it more importance, and as we have just seen, it is one of the ways in which pain is encouraged to stay. Let us not forget that a good diet does not need medicine. This Ayurvedic proverb seems simplistic. And yet, the day we all manage to free ourselves from our destructive habits towards ourselves, we will truly realize it. Find out more about Ayurveda in my article Ancient Science and in more depth soon on the website.

Are there simple exercises to encourage this self-healing process?

The only exercise that is beneficial “simply” requires presence. Simply put, these are the steps:

  • When you feel an illness coming, enter deeper into that state of being which dwells in the body, be present in that state, remain in that state. Sit or lie down somewhere and be completely present in the body. 10 to 15 minutes, for example, until you feel so alive that the symptoms of this disease are gone. This technique, given by Eckart Tolle in his book Even the Sun Will Die One Day, only works if you react quickly, that you listen to the warning signs. By being more present in your body, you will intensify the light of the presence, he says.
  • Be present to yourself and allow yourself a daily time to breathe and synchronize your heart with your head. It sounds complicated but just sit down and listen to yourself breathe. Feel your whole body and how full of life it is. You will then be in direct contact with your cells and you will therefore send them positive energies, healing energies. Discover my article on meditation Stop Running and Listen to Yourself.
  • Listening to oneself also means listening to one’s desires and needs. Sleep when you feel it’s necessary, eat fruits and vegetables that your body asks for.
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In these cases, believe me, you will be more resistant to the disease or just ready to welcome it when it knocks on your door.

Yes, I said welcome, not face the disease. Do not try to create more suffering by being in conflict with yourself about this disease. It is there, so let it be and strive to trust your body in the healing it will offer you.

What are the other techniques that exist?

The following techniques may seem simplistic to you but as stated at the beginning of the article, it is the simplest things that prove to be the most effective. Kind of like grandma’s medicine.

Among these techniques we think of meditation, essential oils, food, sleep – find my article Tips for Better Sleep -, binaural beats – this will be the subject of a future article, here is an example with this music to start -, visualization, personal hygiene; and many more.

Life is made to enjoy, to live in joy and to surpass oneself. Do not believe this voice in your head that continually demeans you. It is more or less present in each of our minds and it is simply there to make us grow.

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Start now, practice breathing consciously and share the benefits below in the comments.

I sincerely hope that this article has been useful to you and that it has shown you how much we all have the ability to surpass the trials – physical trials in particular – that we encounter.

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« Desire is a sign of healing or improvement »

Friedrich Nietzsche
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Meditation Series : Mantras with Carrie Grossman


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Welcome back! I hope everyone is feeling great and holding tight during these weird times. Today we are going deeper into the meditation series.

I see a lot of people trying to meditate, trying to be more aware of themselves and what they do or just trying to listen to something that makes them go deeper into relaxation. But they only try, they don’t seem to be able to sit and actually meditate. The thing is, in meditation you don’t even have to do anything to do it. You juste have to Be.

Sometimes I just don’t feel like meditating but still I know it could help me. And trust me, it is during those moments, when you don’t feel like it that mediation is going to be the most beneficial to you. It’s like when you go to the gym, you don’t want to go but you’re glad you did when you come out of the place. And it is something I could also say about yoga. Check out my article about yoga Yoga as a Path to Transformation.

But I know things aren’t always safe and sound, and you have a lot on your mind. This is why we are going to talk about meditative musics, and more specifically about mantras. And today we have the great privilege to welcome Carrie Grossman in the blog. Carrie Grossman is a singer and meditation teacher on the Insight Timer app. You know, the app I told you about in my article about meditation, Stop Running and Listen to Yourself. Carrie has a 10-day course on the app called Awaken the Heart through Chanting and Mantras. A course I advised you to take if you have a profile on the app! Carrie has a really beautiful voice and talks about mantras like I never heard better before, simply, truthfully and from the heart. She is going to be our host today and will be answering some questions I asked her specifically for this article. Carrie will be talking all along this article, when the text is put on italic. You’ll find links to her music and website at the end of this article.

Therefore, when I have trouble being still and keeping my mind steady, I think it helps to put on some music. I like listening to loud music but it is also refreshing to listen to something that talks to your soul. I sometimes like to listen to meditative music when I’m working or just cleaning my place. A YouTube channel I like for that is Meditative Mind. They’re sharing musics like this one. And I also listen to mantras. 

For those who don’t know, Carrie Grossman explains what they are : mantras are sacred sound formulas. They are ancient sonic tools that can help to quiet our mind and open our heart. The word mantra comes from two Sanskrit words: “man”, which means “mind” and “tra”, which means “to cross over” or “to protect”. So a mantra is something that helps our mind go beyond thought, and it also helps to protect our mind from itself. 

Carrie also specify that mantras were not created by anyone, but it’s said that they exist in nature. The Rishis, or great seers of India, heard the sounds in the depths of their meditations, and they articulated them. Then, these sounds were passed on in an oral tradition for thousands of years. Today, we’re blessed to have access to them. 

This subject is really large and it is difficult to talk about it in just one article but basically, I advise you to use mantra in your daily life, or just even during your meditations for a start. It’s only when you tried one and made the effort to feel its vibration that you can truly understand. I asked Carrie the best way to use them and this is her response :

There are many different ways to use mantras. They can be spoken, chanted, sung, whispered, or repeated silently in the mind. One popular mantra practice is known as Kirtan. This is a call-and-response singing practice that can be done in a group. It’s a very joyful way to experience the power of mantras and chanting. This kind of devotional music is widely available by different artists, and it’s a wonderful aid to meditation. 

And believe me, she truly has a gift for singing them. I love listening to some of her interpretations and I really think she has a way of demystifying this ancient spiritual technique. You don’t have to be religious to sing them but sometimes it can feel like it and I advise you to go check Carrie’s music. As I said, she has a gift for modernising mantras, I think her way of doing it is more accessible than the traditional way.

Carrie talks about it like a sonic tool. Actually, scientist know that all that is present on earth has a vibration correspondant. We are indeed made of vibration, we can feel it when we are connected to others emotionally, we tend to feel their love, fear, joy, excitement … this all has to do with vibration. We also know that the earth itself has a vibration (we can think of the schumann resonance). You might have heard people chanting “Om” when they meditate or do yoga for instance. This sound is simply the vibration of the crown chakra (the one on top of the head), dedicated to our connection to the universe. Therefore, when I chant “Om” I am re-aligning myself (my chakra) with the universe. It is the same for mantras, as Carrie put it, they are sacred sound formulas, they are a succession of sanskrit words and “magic” sounds. Or as she put it : Everything in this world is made up of vibrations—including our thoughts and emotions. Since mantras are the purest sound vibrations, they can help to shift our vibration and uplift our mind and heart. Mantras can also purify the atmosphere.

So it’s not necessary to chant them, you can just listen to them and their magic will happen anyway. Since they are vibrations, playing them will make the vibration live and do its work on your being, on the planet and on your home.

However, this can be considered as a religious practice because of the repetition of the sounds. It is said, as in other religions as well that one has to chant a mantra / say a prayer enough time for it to make it work. So what happen for people who don’t really believe in that kind of things? The good thing about mantra is that you don’t really have to believe in them, neither do you have to count the number of time you’re chanting them. As a matter of fact, you don’t necessarily even understand what you are saying when you do sing them. Carrie answers this as well :

When chanting or listening to a mantra, it’s not necessary to believe anything—the power lies in the vibration of the sounds. While it can be helpful to have a basic understanding of what the mantras mean, ultimately they’re beyond any conceptual understanding. 

Necessary during this times of need, help has to come from many places and I think dedicating some time of our quarantine to help others during this big “war” against the virus should be beneficial and a priority to everyone of us. The more we do it, the more vibrations are working for us and therefore the battle will be won way easily! Carrie also addresses this :

One very important mantra that can be chanted anytime is Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu, which means “May all beings everywhere be peaceful and happy.” You can chant this every day, or find a recording to listen to or sing along. This is a beautiful way to send prayers and healing thoughts to all of creation. 

Here is Carrie’s song dedicated to this particular mantra. Believe me, you can feel the benefits of the mantra within the first minute.

Here’s another one of her mantras that I love, Ang Sang Wahe Guru. It is a mantra for oneness that means “the lovely energy of the universe vibrates in every cell of my being”. When I first listened to it, I could basically feel my being coming back to itself and in alignment, a very powerful tool. And with Carrie’s voice, it is felt like sweet, trust me.

Of course, you can find many artists singing mantras, here are two of them I chose for you. Bhagavan Das, you can listen to one of his tracks here ; and Craig Pruess, enjoy his music here

We are only talking about thoughts, songs and time dedicated to this. You don’t have to pay anything and you don’t have to do a big ritual to make it work so why not give it a try?

I think this was a lot to take in already. I’ll let you digest everything and we might come back to this subject in the future. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions if you like.

If you want to know more about Carrie’s music, please go check her website. You’ll find out more about her work and her music here : You can also find some of her music on her YouTube channel here.

I hope this article gave you a clear idea of what mantras are and made you want to listen to them – even more. 

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Thank you for reading me and I’ll see you in the next article.

Stay tuned.



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