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Nous voilà en confinement … encore

En France en tout cas, et dans d’autres pays d’Europe.

Même si cela peut être triste pour certains d’entre nous, c’est également une bonne opportunité pour commencer à travailler et à apprendre de nouvelles façons … encore.

C’est aussi simplement l’opportunité de s’habituer à la nouvelle ère qui se dessine devant nous. Et peut-être même réaliser ce qui se passe devant nos yeux et que nous n’étions pas prêt à voir.

Toutes les nouvelles choses sont géniales.

Souvenez-vous de ce moment où vous étiez enfant et que vous découvriez ce que voulait dire sortir de la maison tout seul. À quel point c’était génial d’être simplement avec vous-même, avec personne pour vous surveiller.

Ce fameux sentiment de liberté.

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Vous aviez tellement de belles idées sur ce que vous pouviez faire, où vous pouviez aller et ce que vous pouviez découvrir.

Comme si vous pouviez aller n’importe où dans le monde simplement en courant sur la pelouse.

Un peu comme pendant le premier confinement.

En dépit de l’angoisse générée par la menace d’avoir une amende quand on sortait, on était heureux d’avoir cet avant-goût de vacances et nous avons utilisé ce temps pour faire des choses que nous n’aurions pas faites autrement.

Aujourd’hui c’est différent. Vous êtes fatigués et vous ne savez plus vraiment quoi faire.

Évidemment que vous voulez profiter au maximum du temps qui vous ai donné à la maison et que vous voulez continuer à faire du mieux que vous pouvez mais vous ne savez pas réellement quoi faire.

Peut-être vous réveillez-vous tellement tard que vous ne voyez même plus la lumière du soleil. Peut-être que vous travaillez bien trop ou alors que vous consommez trop de jeux vidéos.

Et ce n’est pas grave.

Je ne suis pas là pour vous dire d’arrêter et de commencer à travailler, à planifier et à organiser votre vie pour l’après corona.

Je veux simplement vous dire une chose :

Vous n’êtes pas seul.

La plupart d’entre nous s’ennuient.

La plupart d’entre nous avons envie de faire un tour dehors.

La plupart d’entre nous avons envie (ou même besoin) de voir nos amis ou notre famille « en vrai ».

La plupart d’entre nous voulons arrêter de vivre dans la peur.

Devinez quoi, malgré tout ce qui se passe : vous pouvez.

Vous pouvez être cette lumière dans votre propre chambre, vous pouvez aller dehors et profiter du soleil quand il sort, vous pouvez profiter de vous ennuyer et de ne rien faire, vous pouvez vivre dans la joie et le bonheur. En se concentrant sur les choses pour lesquelles vous pouvez être reconnaissant.

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“Le secret du bonheur c’est la liberté … Et le secret de la liberté c’est le courage.”


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The Benefits of Corona Virus


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Let’s continue our exploration of what the world has to offer us. And what is the world offering us all today? 


We all asked for some spare time to continue the work we were doing, we all had a voice asking for vacation or even just asking to be left alone. There we are.

This time offered to us is as an answer to all those “prayers”. When you ask or wish for something, it can be considered as a prayer. And since we do have the time to think, the earth might be trying to tell us something it has been trying to say for a long period of time.

What if someone or something was trying to show us things from a different perspective? What if the world was just trying to show us the way things have to be done? If we think about it, we can learn a lot with Corona Virus apparition. It can teach us a lot of things, besides all the death it has cost.

And what is death but the start of something new? It gives room for something new, for an evolution. We should honour it, and yet also consider it as a part of life.

First of all, we should all think of all the people dying right now from Covid 19 and pay tribute to them. They didn’t ask for anything and yet it happened suddenly, no one was even ready for it.

And then again, it gives us the opportunity as a member of the earth to connect to one another and to remember that we are all connected and living on the same planet. Frontiers do not have the power to take that away from us, we the people are more than powerful when it comes to working together.

Connectedness is what is going to make us stronger after this crisis has passed. 

We will learn how to work independently as well as with the other, realise that it is possible to work on our own, from our own house. And if difficulty appears, it’s also an opportunity for us to be humble and ask for help, when it is needed. We have to work together and ask for help and I believe it’s also a benefit we can gain from this crisis.

We will always know crisis in our lives. As individuals, where we will need to work on ourselves and learn from it. But this one is the same for everyone in the world, we will therefore still have to ask for help and work on ourselves as a community. A community composed of all the people in the world. It’s an opportunity for us to remember that we are all connected and living on the same earth.

Therefore, if we want to live happily and peacefully, we need to concentrate on the good things happening around us. It doesn’t take apart the fact that horrible things are still happening. But if you are like me, you might tend to be really anxious with the situation. I must say it, I’m kind of scared when I have to go shopping and I can’t stand to watch the news everyday, if I do so, I know I’m going to feel, sleep and think bad. Television only brings us fear. Fear is the opposite of love. And if we want to be happy in our body and soul we do have to be full of love.

In order to take care of one body and mind, one need to be focused on the good things. Because life is still going on for a lot of us and we should be ready and powerful enough to face what is coming for us and also as a way of paying tribute to everyone that has died ; for us.

We’re in this together, all of us. 

And even if some people might tell you that economy is bad, that people are using this historical event to gain from the pain of others and that we will never be the same ; I believe we will indeed be different when everything has passed but in a good way.

I know it is easy to feel overwhelmed and anxious, but this feeling doesn’t have to take all part of your being. You can start to work and listen to yourself in order to feel good. 

If I am well, my neighbour will be well, we are talking about energy here, even if we are all confined we still can elevate the vibration of the world, by helping others in one way and by helping ourselves. And this is the subject of the movie project I’m working on at the moment, you can find out more about it here on my last article.

We still are an example for the people around us, but not in the same way we used to be for the moment.

You have to feel good, because if you don’t, you’ll die. Feeling good is like your way of saying to your body that it is strong and healthy.

You have to keep dreaming, if you don’t, you’ll die. A bicycle will never be up by being still, it’s because it’s moving that it is able to stay up. So keep moving, even if you can’t move outside of your house.

This virus is giving space for us but above all, for the planet. 

Look at it, almost the whole world is on pause right now. Which gives space for nature to take back its rights. There is less pollution than ever, animals come back to some cities, wars are stopping in some parts of the world … Moreover, it helps us reconnect with our loved ones and refocus and essentials, this virus doesn’t care how rich you are …

Scientists even tell us that our post corona virus lives will be even better. Here’s a quote from an interesting French article (link here) :

“The impact of the epidemic will force us to slow down, to not take planes, to work from home, to only go out with our close ones and to learn to be auto-sufficient and conscious. All of a sudden, fashion shows seems weird and out of context, commercials for travel agencies entering ou web pages appear intrusive and ridiculous, the idea of futur project is vague and indecisive : but does this really matter? Everyday, we question systems that we know since we were born and have to think to its eventual disappearance.”

It’s not because we are confined that we have to let our body down. On the contrary, it’s an opportunity to show ourselves that we can do better and take care of ourselves.

I wanted to tell you about how I keep myself going during this time but it seems like I had to tell you other things before. 

What about you? Can you share about one thing this confinement brought you? Don’t hesitate to do so in the comment section below. 

If there is one thing that helps me keep growing indoor besides my loved ones, it is yoga. I learnt a lot from this simple activity and I really want to share how it is beneficial to me. And since you’ve been reading for quite some time now, let’s keep this subject for another article.

In the meantime, remember to listen to yourself, you own intuition only wants what is good for you and that will be the better way for you to be healthy and strong.

In everything, breathe.



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New vision of the famous Covid-19


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So, since everyone around here is talking about it, I guess we’re continuing on that subject as well, the now famous 2019-nC0V.

Yes I agree with some of you, you can freak out a little. Some things don’t add up. Yes, if you think about it there’s some crazy numbers behind it. Almost 5000 people contaminated, about 110 deaths, multiple people contaminated in the world in just a few weeks etc…

Ok, there’s no point in arguing about numbers. They’re facts.

But what if you could forget them and move your focus on something else?

Unfortunately, governments have political and economical reasons for you to be anxious. They want you to be sick as well. In order to buy what they intended for us to buy. It’s sad to say it but it’s true.

Does anyone really think that the surgical masks are going to protect us? Do you really think that this Corona virus would be so annoyed by you wearing it that it would not even try to get into your system?

As a matter of fact, scientists already know that those masks won’t protect you from any virus. Instead, they’re useful when you’re sick and you don’t want people near you to be contaminated as well. “It’s efficiency isn’t demonstrated at all when you wear it and you’re not sick.”

Nevertheless, everyone wants to have one.

It’s crazy how here in France everyone went to our pharmacies to buy them. They’re sold out. Which is pretty crazy when you think about it. 

Nobody is anxious about the flu when it comes in the winter. Nobody is anxious about people even dying from hunger right now when you’re reading this.

It’s ok, we’re used to it.

Well, if you’re used to it, then just try and live your life to the fullest everyday. Even if there’s some crazy virus threatening to spread in the whole world.

Did you notice that the Chinese government decided to build in just a few days hospitals that would bear twice the capacity of everyone contaminated?

They did so in Wuhan, the epicentre of this crazy new year psychosis. 

I can’t help but think that they already know how much, where and who is going to be contaminated next. It wouldn’t be the first time a virus would be created by men. Think of the HIV for example. Which, by the way, earn ridiculous amount of money to the health industry.

The problem is, the more you get anxious, the more you’re likely to be sick. I heard that since the corona virus started, the percentage of people having cancer increased significantly.

Don’t you know that the more you’re anxious, the more you’re likely to get cancer? It’s proven now, cancer comes from anxiety. And everyone knows that cancer is earning loads and loads of money to the health industry, and therefore to governments.

It’s all related to our point of view. If you look at something, it won’t have the same shape as if you look at it from a different angle. And this can be an image to translate other things such as sickness since we’re talking about it.

And that’s exactly what I’m trying to do, trying to change your point of view on the subject.

Because I want you to be happy and to live your life to the fullest. It’s really important for you and for all of us.

I once heard about a women who has cancer. She talked about it like I never heard before. She said that the most beautiful way to live in this world is to live without fear. Just live, live happily. Because when you die, there is to time for living.

She said : “I have cancer. I’m happy. And I love my cancer. It taught me how to live life. I love my cancer very much. It’s mine!” 

Only through hardships will you be able to grow. Only through them, will you see life from a different perspective.

Of course I’m not saying everyone should be sick to understand the meaning of life. I’m just saying that you can beat every virus, sickness, hardship, people … just by being positive.

Only if you would just be happy to be alive.

I took this image to talk about this because I think in life, there is time to be, time to have fun, time to grow, time to learn and also time to be still. To accept that sometimes life needs a little rest. 

It might look dead but maybe in the inside it is just resting and waiting for the sun to shine again. So that life would show us how to be patient and how to accept what it can teach us. It is frozen indeed, but in just a few weeks, water will flow again and will show us how that time was valuable.

It might be easy to say I know. But just give yourself some time. And try a little more everyday to live life from a different perspective.

And don’t forget that everything that comes into your system will be digested and you will take all the ingredients that are in it, even if you didn’t want to.

And of course when I’m saying this, I mean everything you eat will be digested indeed but I’m also talking about what you hear, what you watch, what you do …

Everything that comes in contact with you will have an effect on you.

So be wise and choose what is best for you. And no one won’t ever be able to tell it better than you.

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