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Recent events have – let’s hope so – brought everyone to think a little more about their choices considering what they consume and about the value of the actions that lead the world.

Once upon a time, there was a world where everyone were helping each other. People used their given free time to think about their neighbours by playing music on their balcony, by offering to go grocery shopping to protect them or even a time where we were applauding healthcare services at our windows – at least that was some time ago in France. (check this article from Reuters to know more about this).

But this, was before.

Today, we are queuing 3 hours long to get a Macdonalds menu, eat it cold or even alone in our car. We wait at least the same time to spend money in our luxurious clothes store we missed so much, making sure we bare our teeth if the person next to us isn’t respecting its distance.

I don’t know about you but after everything that happened, I feel even more close to humanitarian causes, those that are important and that bring surplus-value to our world.

Didn’t we have the example we needed to believe in a sense of togetherness?

Father and Son walking by 4144132

This article won’t be about making you act for a humanitarian cause, it will be about showing you examples on how, by working together, we can achieve greatness.

« Man is by nature a social animal. »


Aristotle, greek philosopher who lived in the years 300 BC, already saw that and explained it really well. This famous quote doesn’t stop here as he also says that « anyone who does not partake in society is either a beast or a god ».

Of course this can be interpreted wrong but he does have a point. We are better if we act for the world and for the people that are in our world.

Do you know of someone who spent his life all by himself and was doing great?

If so, I would be pleased to meet that person and chat with them.

Isolating someone is a form of punishment in jails.

How many stories did you hear about an old person loosing the love of its life and then dying from grief or simply loosing its head?

Does anyone of you watched the movie Into the Wild by Sean Penn? A movie about a young man who decides to leave everyone and everything to hitchhike and live in the wilderness. I advise you to watch it if you haven’t already.

Into the Wild poster

I don’t know about you but those kind of story inspire me to always be on the lookout to work with my peers and my loved ones.

Alone we go faster together we go further.

In 1993 a study was conducted to measure the benefits of meditation. Washington had a high crime rate and conducted this study. A group of meditators came into the city to meditate during an evening. Criminal rate decreased by 23.3% that same evening.

It seems like a group of people meditating and raising the vibrations of the city was enough for crime to slow down. If you’re interested to know more about this, you should read my article 4 Different Ways Our Body Ingest Energy.

« Washington crime study shows 23.3% drop in violent crime trend due to meditating group »

Find the article of the same title in the website
Balance by Ralf Kunze

This is one of the reasons why I started to talk to you about meditation in 3 different articles already. Here are the links if you are interested. The first one was written to show you how it is beneficial to slow down Stop Running and Listen to Yourself. The second one was written with a guest about mantras Meditation Series : Mantras with Carrie Grossman. And the most recent one, from last week was designed to help you more understand what it is Is Meditation Really Helpful?

Alone I’m powerless. Together we are powerful.

Sometimes, we even want to help but we are unfortunately too weak if we face the problem by our own.

In Mauritius recently, a ship leaked so many oil in the ocean that a « state of environmental emergency » was declared. In order for the ocean to be cleaned up, Mauritius residents were cutting off their hair to soak up the oil. See the article about it here.

Would it have the same effect with the hair of only one person? I don’t think so.

Here we have another example of what people can do when they work together.

Hands forming a heart by Pexels

Those are the 3 examples I wanted to share with you this week. Because I think we should all start to believe in each other again. In order to do that, we should always cultivate our awareness. Something I told you about in my article The Mind-Body Connection.

And you, what do you think about all this? Is Aristotle crazy according to you? What do you think about the story about the mediation group in Washington? Does the story in Mauritius have an effect on you and which one? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

I hope you liked that article and that it encouraged you to search for that help you so deeply need.

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Until then, be well.



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