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Discover the yoga-meditation classes

It’s not only meditation. Neither only yoga.

No more efforts, this is a space where your physical, mental and spiritual well-being is at the forefront. Take advantage of my 7 years of experience and join us. More info here.

Discover the meditation sessions

Take time for yourself.

Let me guide you to the present moment and unlock your full potential. More info here.

Discover the drama classes

Take advantage of my 15 years experience and be part of the adventure. More information here.

Hey, I’m Ben Gananda !

Citizen of the world passionated by art in general, and life.

I’m a Holistic Life Coach available to share my passions. Ayurvedic practitioner with a diploma recognized by WHO, artistic director and actor, I like to share my vision of the world and I made it my passion. Find out more about me here.

A page dedicated to the on-going and past projects is also available by following this link.

As well as a gallery with all the photographs taken so far.

Discover your dosha

Soon, you’ll be able to discover here more about your unique Ayurvedic type and how you can implement this to your life. I promise this will make a radical change to your eveyday welbeing.


I start to explain what is Ayurveda in my article Ancient Science.

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