You’ve read the first page dedicated to the meditation sessions and you are interested in the online version.


Despite lockdown, the health situation and therefore the impossibility of seeing each other « in real life », I have on my heart to continue to offer meditation sessions. These sessions will be offered online, free of charge.

I will offer you the same courses as those planned, the only difference is that I will not be able -not yet- to be by your side.

You will then be able to discover my universe as well as my vision of meditation.

Let’s elevate our spirit together to make the planet shine at its brightest. We don’t necessarily need to be close to one another to make a difference.

The free version of these courses is still available.

And those of you that are interested, I also offer free online yoga-meditation™ sessions and drama classes during lockdown.

Please complete the questionnaire below, I will then respond to you personally as soon as possible to give you more information for the next course which will take place next Saturday from 5 p.m GMT+1 to 6 p.m GMT+1 with GoogleMeet platform.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question.

I whish you a wonderful 2021.