Welcome to my website. Here you can find many new ideas about how to take care of yourself. I get my knowledge from my experience and especially from the Ayurvedic wisdom.

I just hope, that by reading my website, you would be encouraged a little more to be even better at what you’re doing everyday. Through my pictures and articles, I will share my discoveries about what the world has to offer us and what it can teach us.

Now is the time to tell you more about myself.

What I do

About me

Who am I?

Citizen of the world passionated by art in general, and life.

Once a traveller, once a dancer, once an actor, once a project director or even children supervisor… Depending on where I am in the world I might get a new mission from the universe.

This is basically why I like to call myself a citizen of the world. I’ve been living most of my life in France and specifically in Annecy and Paris. Otherwise you can find me on the roads of our beautiful planet.

Someone said to me that I was a spiritual activist. I kind of like that idea. I find this is true in the way I try to be respectful of the planet as much as I can, in everything I do, think and create. I do think that it is with the little things that we can make a difference, I start by being vegan.

But, since we need to be defined by what we do, here are the different missions I have on this planet.

This picture reminds me of my trip to the States
Taken in Paris


The first thing I am is an artist. I love eveything you can think about when you think about culture. Almost everything.

15 years studying drama, 10 others studying dance and 5 more with singing in public (such as conservatories) and private schools.

What I love the most is definitely acting and directing plays. You can find out more about my history about this in my article DRAMA.

Jumping for life in the street of Paris


Here are the links to my articles I AMSTERDAM and Requiem for the United States.

Taken during the route to Santiago de Compostela

I need to be travelling, this is how I am alive. No matter how I do travel.

I love taking the planes but I also like hiking long distance (like the route to Santiago de Compostela), take trains or even hitchhike through the roads of Europe.

I need and love to be encountering new people, new ways of seeing things and new beings.

Basically, I think travel are what make anyone clever.

Where did I go?

Always on the go

Project director

Cinema production

I have an international degree in cinema production. I worked for several short films, ads and one movie.

I am currently working on a documentary project called The Inner Change which you can read more about on my article On Being Childlike.

Theatre production

I had the chance to play and also direct several plays and one musical. I think this is when I have the most fun.

Before going on stage

Festival management

And I also worked in several festivals.

Where I find a lot of my inspiration and teams.

Festivals even taught me how to fully be present in what you do and want. Sometimes that might even mean how you should wake up early to get that beautiful picture not eveyone would take and that you are willing to show.

Taken in the south of France
A gift from my students


Drama instructor

I led a drama club during 3 years in a school I was working in as a children supervisor. This experience was great and led me to open drama classes in France. Here is the page dedicated to those classes (also available in English).

Thanks to the beautiful work of the people I was working with, my students and I had the chance to play twice a year, to meet professionnals and to watch plays during the year.

I even created vocations. Some of my students started in this field now.

Yoga-meditation instructor

I am also a yoga-meditation instructor. I realised that a lot of people would love to try yoga but don’t really know where to begin or don’t even want to do the hard stuff.

That’s where I come in and this is exactly why I opened classes called yoga-meditation. More information about those classes here.

I want people to be able to take care of themselves and I know I can show them how, through begin present, calm and patient with themselves. And since I just finished a degree in Ayurveda, I will also be soon available as a Holistic Life Coach.

I explain more about what Ayurveda is on my article Ancient Science.

Meditation instructor

And a meditation instructor. I also realised that I knew a lot of people that were putting so much pressure on themselves when it came to meditaiton.

Therefore, I want to demystify this practice and show that, despite any spiritual attachement to it, it can be life changing to anyone.

Simply because it has been for me. Discover those sessions here.

Trying to do some yoga next to the sea

My mission

You should have understood it by now but my mission is basically to show people the way to having a new eye on themselves and on the society as whole.

I am here to create. Here to show. Show my way of seeing things.

I’m not here to give you the perfect way to live your life. There isn’t any.

You are the only one capable of knowing your truth.

I’m just here to remind you to have fun and to never take things too seriously.

I too used to eat Macdonalds, have too many excess, wonder through life wihtout knowing where to go.

The moment where I was truly myself was where I fully embodied who I am and this happened when I found love.

Love in the incarnation of my sweet partner.

And also love in life in the discovery of Ayurveda.

I do love the sea
Wandering on the sea again
Kit, my sweet cat


Ayurvedic blueprint

I’m a Vata-Pitta.

Always on the move and with 1000 projects in the head.

If you ask me, I’ll tell you that I love summer, like fall and hate winter! I like (too much) being in control but my creative side which is a lot present in me reminds me of how much we should let go and listen to our instincts.

Just like how we were doing as children!

You can say I’m a scholar since I do have many degrees. One in cinema production, one in language science as a teacher, one in English, another one in drama and a last one in Ayurveda.

Strenghts finder

I took the test, as many of you did and here are what they say I am :

  • Futuristic
  • WOO (Winning Others Over)
  • Responsibility
  • Arranger
  • Strategic

I’m basically good at realizing crazy projects that might seem unrealistic. That’s what you get from an ingenious and creative footprint.

What I believe in

I am here to show everyone that being spiritual does not have to be woo-hoo.

It’s just a way of accepting magic where it is.

And magic in life, is everywhere.

I believe.

I believe in magic.

I believe in love.

I believe in hardships and in their power to make us grow.

I believe that we should all have fun in everything we do, it’s why we are here for.

I believe that we can all make the earth a better place, together.

I believe in the power of trust.

I believe in accepting who we are, we become whole.

I believe we have the power to create the life we want. Not necessarily by wishing for it.

I believe in the shadow sides of everything and its power to reveal the good ones.

I believe we are all here for a reason. Even if we don’t believe in it.

I believe we can change things, one by one.

I believe it is our duty to be mindful.

I believe in life.

I believe.

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@ Ben Gananda

With Love,

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