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What’s in it for you? You might ask.

What about what you might have read before on the blog?

I promised an explanation. And you’re about to have one today. You’ll learn :

Things have changed since 2021 began.

You’re about to be one of the first to know about this ….

I am expanding

The blog will still be avalaible, but you’ll find something else pretty soon …

I am opening a podcast!

All the subjects we talked about in the article 13 Reasons Make 7 a Mysterious Number will be taken care of in 13 different podcast episodes.

I have too many things to say to write a weekly article and your time is too valuable for me to take it from you.

You’ll then be able to access all my discoveries in a radio format, which means that you’ll be able to not only access my ressources anytime but also anywhere, as you could listen to me whilst doing other activites.

A lot of work is then awaiting me and I can’t tell when the podcast will be available but I can assure you it is going to be valuable and precious.

This is also why you won’t get an article every week until then but less. You’ll now know that, this way, I’ll get all the time needed to prepare an amazing release of the podcast show as soon as possible.

Change is in the air

Unfortunately, I have another announcement for my english community …

The podcast will only be available in French.

It’s a pity but I don’t have time yet to release eveything in both languages. Of course, you’ll still be able to access my website as I’ll keep everything I have done in English so far.

What will change is that you will see less and less english ressources here on my website. Until the time I won’t post anything else in English here.

But this won’t last for long.

You might know about my love for the English language and I can promise that as soon as I have the time, ressources and energy available, I’ll start creating in English again.

As for everyone who is interested to learn French from my content, you’re welcome to. And if there is a ressource that you’d like to have available in English, please let me know. In the meantime, you can read my article Tips for Learning a Language.

My gift to you

I created a new community.

Le Clan des Curieux ™

Which stands in English for The Curious Clan.

Every week, I share with my subscribers a new vision of the world, a new original picture and a new article (until the articles are replaced with the podcast I told you about).

They are the first and only ones to receive the free gifts and ressources I share privately. They discover with me everything the world has to offer.

I believe every being has a spirituality. Enter in contact with it simply make us better earthlings.

This is why I want to broaden and demystify spirituality. By helping all the members of the Curious Clan™ to reconnect to their inner child simpler, even if they lack intuition and time.

I believe that everyone should be able to live his spirituality as he would like to live it. It’s accessed through different means, and there are as many as the number of people on this planet. For me, it’s mainly through art.

I believe everything is possible to anyone who dreams, dares and undertake.

And I can assure that a lot of ressources are about to come.

But I have another one for you today.

The Dosha Quizz ™ – Break through the secrets of your unique personality according to Ayurveda.

A free quizz (in Fench) I created specifically for you to discover your Ayurveda blueprint.

For those who don’t speak French and would like to take the quizz, here is one I can advise to take.

I am sorry for all the English people following me. Be sure that I wish I could do eveything. But one has to make choices in life and I won’t forget your trust.

You can still be part of my private sharing group, The Curious Clan ™, to know everything about the blog.

Again, I’ll be back as soon as I can.

« I have a dream. »

Martin Luther King

Want to keep reading?

You don’t know what Ayurveda is? Then read my article Ancient Science.

Didn’t read my wishes for 2021? Access them on my article 2021, an Ocean of Possibilities

Don’t forget to fill in your email adress to be part of our Curious Clan ™.

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