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How to Train Online at a Lower Cost


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Have you been succombing to online courses too?

Let me explain why you should stop.

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Of course, some trainings are complete and you might even be able to graduate from them.

But most of the trainings available online are simply honey trap.

I remember a time, about a couple months ago, where everyone was saying that « the future is in the online trainings » and that there is a lot of money to earn from that.

Thus, guess what, that’s what a lot of people have done.

I’m not here to incriminate anyone and I won’t give any name in this article. I simply think it’s a pity that, by having access to internet, we then loose any human proximity.

It’s all in the game you might tell me, specifically during those pandemic times, but it might be better to use more humanly methods than everything we can find online.

That’s what Alexandra Martel call “culpable marketing”. If you’re interested by this subject, and know how to read French, I invite you to read her 5 part article “Personne ne Veut Lire ton Maudit E-Book”, « Nobody wants to read your damn e-book”.

Let me put you in context.

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Know that I have been training myself almost everyday thanks to online courses for years. If by the way you’re looking for a good platform, the best one for me so far is Coursera.

And it is even online that I got, thanks to a training, my certification of Ayurveda practitioner recognised by WHO that I talked about on my homepage. Very complete training which, for information and you will understand why I talk to you about numbers later, cost me less than €200 and that I was able to pay in instalments.

Suffice is to say that I am not paid with what I do online yet, so I pay closely attention to where my money goes and I make it worth it.

Of course, like everyone else, I receive a lot of emails related to my interests and 50% of them (if not more) are trying to sell online trainings to me. 

The problem is that, inside those emails we can feel that their authors thirst for money. Nevertheless, what they say often make sense and you’ve learnt to trust them by reading their emails, watching their videos or else.

Therefore, during Black Friday, I decided to trust one of them by buying not 1 but 2 trainings, all for €88.

Why did I do that?

Because I could at the time, and because I knew that the subject what able to help me go forward with my website and furthermore because the price had been significantly discounted. The person I’m talking about sells his trainings for €199 each and was offering a discount (exceptional of course) of €44.

So I jumped at the opportunity, believing that I would be able to move on my projects more quickly.

This is where it gets tough.

I took this training. When I saw it, I said to myself, “Thank God I didn’t pay a high price for this”.

And then, a few days ago, I went to a store selling books in particular. By curiosity, I looked for a book on the same subject.

You see where I’m getting at?

This book, sold for €16,90 new and €11,99 in ebook format, covers all topics – if not more – that are treated in the two trainings I bought for a total of €88,00. 

The person who sells these courses does the same work as his clients, he is a content creator and he teaches them the methods he uses himself on them.

I think it’s a shame to come to that. Too bad that his techniques – which are based on 100% profit – catch his students off guard and teach them the same techniques they are undergoing. In my opinion, and this is what I felt, this only accentuates the pain of buying and therefore lowers the customer’s confidence.

It is very honorable to do a lot of training and to show people how it works by applying your own methods; but from there to dissect a subject that is in a book I find it a shame.

Yes, that’s the game. But aren’t we there to help others? To bring value and well-being to others?

Shouldn’t we be using the Internet to connect with each other and create a real connection between all of us?

So this pandemic has taught us nothing?

Of course, these people have to be remunerated. And the people who buy these courses do not only pay for the teaching that is passed on but also for the person who teaches.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather read a book, 10 times cheaper, than realize that money is being made on my back.

However, this is exactly the profile Alexandra Martel refers to in her article, I was warned.

When you take that kind of training, an implicit contract is put in place. You pay because you expect to get the education you need. As for the teacher, he is committed to solving a problem. So there is a problem when that contract is not fulfilled.

If this happens to you, with the greatest possible goodwill, do not hesitate to contact the person in question. Just say what you think, and be respectful.

But in the future, take the time to look for a book on your problem and compare a minimum. In her podcast, 15 minutes de persuasion 15 minutes of persuasion (in French), Alexandra Martel explains a simple rule to reduce the pain of buying: wait 7 days before making a purchase.

That’s why I think books always have a bright future ahead of them and that we should all continue to cherish them.

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We have forgotten these days that by reading a book we can move much faster than by taking any training. Besides, reading 10 minutes a day while we’re having breakfast is doable, believe me.

On average, an adult reads one page per minute. By reading 10 pages a day, you will have read a 100-page book in 10 days!

All this to encourage you to read and train more and more.

This article comes out of the plan we made together with the article 13 Reasons Make 7 a Mysterious Figure. I explain why in the next article. You’ll also find out more about the future of the website and of the ressources you’ll be able to find freely here.

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Again, go to the simplest and most profitable, according to your own wishes.

“Fun reading is as useful to health as exercise.”

Emmanuel Kant

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