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My gift for the end of 2020 is a top 5 of the most read articles of the blog.

It has been almost a year that you have been following me and I am so grateful.

Thank you.

This article will be the last one of 2020.

The first one of 2021 will follow the guidelines explained in my last article, 13 Reasons Make 7 a Mysterious Number.

In the meantime, you can (re)discover the articles that have been read the most during this first year.

  1. The pandemic year
  2. The magic of meditation
  3. The honor of having a guest
  4. The magic of life
  5. Travelling is essential

To discover them all, you can find them listed in the blog page.

Let’s begin this TOP 5

The pandemic year

Unfortunately, even I had to write about Covid-19. The first article I wrote about it is N°1, the most read article of 2020 of the blog.

An article where I share with you my vision about this pandemic. A way for me to show you that we can all always see things in a positive way.

The magic of meditation

You must know by now if you’ve already read what I write that I value meditation a lot. It is a part of my everyday life and wellbeing and also part of the classes I teach. The second most read article of 2020 is about it and is the first one I wrote about meditation.

We are all – even I – caught up by life. Let me explain what can help you to feel more energised, less stressed and guide you to expressing your best self and realising your purpose.

The honor of having a guest

Of course, the third most read article is also an article about meditation. This article is a interview of Carrie Grossman, a singer with a magical voice.

She is known for her beautiful interpretations of mantras. She has a way of making them accessible for everyone and kindly offered us her time to explain clearly what they are.

The magic of life

I always love to see the magic in life. And I also love to look at what other don’t. The fourth most read article is an article I wrote about the influence of what our body can be exposed at.

We don’t realise all the potential of our bodies. And how every interactions, wanted or not, can have an influence on us. In this article I show you how our body has a way of using everything that comes in contact with it, not only food but smells, relationships and more.

Travelling is essential

The last article of this compilation is an article I wrote during the last travel I was able to make before the pandemic.

I was lucky enough to visit this wonderful city. I hope to be able to visit it again soon. In the meantime, I show you how I lived it and what I think are the best places to go visit in this city of the Netherlands.

I hope you enjoyed this top 5. Don’t hesitate to share your favourite article, wether it is on the blog or not.

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Let me finish by wishing you to have a wonderful, magical and rested holidays. Enjoy the time you can spend with your loved ones, be safe and healthy.

I’ll do the same and see you back here in the beginning of 2021.

Again, a merry Xmas and a Happy New Years Eve (my wishes for you for 2021 are reserved for a special article of course). May those holidays mark the end of this year and bring you the love and joy that you so greatly are worthy of.

Love to you all

« Enjoy the little things. They will help you greatly benefit from the rest. everything else. »

Ben Gananda

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