Retrouvez-Moi dans le Journal Régional et à la Radio


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Last week, I was introduced you to my new website.

I was explaining that my home page changed.

That you could read more about who I am in my new about page.

And that you could even discover the classes I am giving in France. Sorry in advance if you go have a look on the pages about my classes, they only are in French since the Classes are hapenning in France.

Drama classes for teenagers and adults. Find my vision of theatre in my article DRAMA, A Way of Meeting Life.

There also are my yoga-meditation classes. Discover my vision of yoga in my article Yoga as a Path to Transformation.

I tell you, in my new home page, that I will also soon be available as a holistic life coach, thanks to me new diploma on Ayurveda.

I am delighted with the breadth that my courses are taking and the enthusiasm with which they are received.

I have the great honnor to announce that people in my region will soon be able to find an article about me on the newspaper Le Dauphiné Libéré.

And I am glad to say that people will also be able to hear me talk about my courses in an interview on the local radio FMR this saturday, 6:10 pm GMT+1.

We are waiting for a lot of people hearing us on air and reading us on the newspaper.

I take this opportunity to thank all the people that made those projects possible. They will recognize themselves (herself), THANK YOU.

Of course, I am also available for more informations. Do not hesitate to contact me.

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Next article will be, as promised, on the self healing powers our bodies have. Discover with me how it is possible to encourage our bodies to heal and to be well in next week’s article.

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