The Mind-Body Connection

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Do you always feel connected to what you’re doing? Do you wish to be more connected and aware?

As promised in one of my last articles, On Being Childlike we’re going to start talking about this mystical connection that is always available to us…

The mind body connection.

When you’re used to driving the same road everyday, you might find yourself being caught up in driving, it can even sometimes happen that you forget the way you just drove through.

Take a deep breath with me.

Hold it.

And then release it.

Here, you’ve just made a step further into connecting your mind with your body.

Connecting your body with your mind have many meanings. One of them is to bring life into some parts of your body that you tend to forget.

Your tongue for instance. If you think about it, you’ll realize that you have a tendency to keep it up on the roof of your mouth. You do this without even thinking about it

Just like when you’re used to driving on the same road everyday. And it is proven that what is happening is that you are hypnotizing yourself for a short time. That’s called auto-hypnosis, which will more likely happen when your mind isn’t connected to your body.

You will tend to loose focus on yourself.

Take another deep breath with me. 

Bring your attention to your mouth now, are you able to relax it even more than it already is? Where is your tongue? Up or relaxed at the bottom of your mouth?

Don’t you feel more relaxed now?

The first step into connecting your mind with your body is simple. Breath and realize that you have a body, notice all the parts of it and learn to relax it more and more everyday.

That’s called meditating.

Meditation deserve a whole new article but you can still discover the first one I wrote about it, Stop Running and Listen to Yourself.

If one looses focus on oneself it is more easy to stop controlling what one is doing. I told you in the article 4 Ways Our Body Ingest Energy that I stopped smoking. What will happen if I’m not in control of what I do? 

What will happen if my mind isn’t connected to my body?

I will forget the benefits of stopping smoking, I will loose myself into listening to the voice that tells me to enjoy things and to loose the benefits of my efforts. 

Which takes us back to saying that when we loose our mind-body connexion we stop being our best self, we stop stepping into ou power and therefore loose our time, efforts and energy.

The next article will teach you more clearly about meditation and its benefits. You will also learn about a new meditation course that will soon be available on the blog.

Thanks for reading this article, I hope it introduced you well to this topic and made you even more curious to know more.

Being more aware can be considered as being magical in so many ways. We’ll see that soon enough.

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In the meantime, stay connected to your surroundings by simply trying to notice all that exists in your field of view, all that you’ve never noticed before and more specifically all that is alive around you, from plants to humans and animals.



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