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FRANÇAIS PAGE 2 : Conseils Pour Apprendre une Langue

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Learning a language takes time, you have to learn everything by heart so you don’t forget anything, it’s not fun …


Learning a language might be a great journey you can enjoy. It can be fun and you don’t necessarily have to spend all your time learning everything by heart.

In fact, if you know how to do it, you can learn without even feeling like you are.

I actually learnt English by myself. Well, I had all the teachings from school obviously but that wasn’t enough for me to really speak the language. Today, I have the CAE -Cambridge Advanced English – which says that I have a C1 English level. 

I didn’t live in an English country, I didn’t take spare classes to learn it, my accent is not the best one and I can sometimes do some mistakes I know. But still, I’ve been writing articles in English AND French since January now and I think you guys can get what I write. 

I really appreciate all who’ve been liking and commenting on my articles. Thank you, really much.

I learnt English simply because I chose to. I come from a Spanish family and I used to speak English with my grandmother – may she rests in peace – so maybe I was used to being comfortable with languages.

When I was living in Paris, I decided that I needed to learn English in order that I would be able to travel easily. And since I didn’t have enough money to go live in an English country, I decided to bring English to me. I started to watch movies in English, turn the language of my phone and computer into English, tried to read English books and so on… I even tried to think in English.

Imagine when I had my first dream in English, it was an apotheosis for me!

And today I try to give that taste of freedom to anyone I can. Because learning English opened many doors for me. Truly. Now I can learn about a subject in two – sometimes three with Spanish – different languages and this is really helping me to go deeper into my researches and I can write even better articles.

You might not understand the necessity you have to learn a new language, but it can absolutely help you grow stronger in your business as well as in your personal life.

Knowing different languages is like having multiple souls. Teaching languages is actually one of my specialities.

I also had the chance to spend time with English speaking people in Paris, which helped so much in my learning. For them, for my grandmother, for the time I spent learning … thank you.

Today I’d like to give you a little tip if you want to learn a language. If you really want to, it is something you won’t be spending a lot of time on. You just need to have a directory with you at all times.

It’s an easy tip, that everyone can do and that can teach you a lot of words, that you will remember just by yourself, for the price of a directory – 2$.

Throughout your day, make the effort to listen to podcasts, radio shows, news, read articles or books or even watch movies or tv programs in the language you want to learn. You might start with adding the subtitles of your language, then you will want to replace them by the language you’re learning – which will help you see the words you hear – and then you won’t even need to have subtitles.

By doing that, you will learn new words everyday and as soon as you learn a new word, write it in your directory, choose a colour for your language and another one for the new one. This might be blue for English and red for French for example if you want to learn French.

You will see that the more you do that, the more you will learn words and the more you will want to learn. It’s fun and you will want to continue working on that. Many times, our brain doesn’t have to be forced to do something, if we do it just out of fun, we remember it and that makes us want to learn even more.

For those who follow me, please excuse me for not being here for the past week, I had some issues to work on. Fortunately they are solved now and I can write again. 

As a matter of fact, I will be coming with new ideas and the website will soon be updated to offer you a lot more tools!

To be continued …

In the meantime, be well and enjoy being alive.



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