Lunar Eclipse

FRANÇAIS PAGE 2 : Éclipse Lunaire

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This year is punctuated by no less than 6 eclipses visible from the planet. 4 lunar eclipses and 2 solar eclipses. While one of the lunar eclipses happened last January, I had to write an article about the next one happening on June 5th.

Eclipses happen only when there is a full or new moon and can be more or less strong depending on the alignement of the sun, moon and earth.

The next lunar eclipse will be what we call a penumbral eclipse, that means that the three celestial bodies won’t be precisely aligned, the moon will be in the shadow of the earth.

We’ll go deeper in the subject in a future article, but in my opinion, the moon is underestimated and unknown. If we think about it, studies have already shown that the moon influences the tides and therefore the water of our oceans. And what are our bodies composed of? About 65% of water on average. Therefore, it is natural to think that the moon is going to influence our body, and not only our mood as some joke about this.

Eclipses affects us, precisely because they happen during new and full moon. It is said that during those periods of time, humans can use the cycles of the moon to do basic things like cut hair or less basic things like see their wishes realised.

For the next solar eclipse, don’t wait for something spectacular like you would on a solar eclipse lunar you’ll be able to see the eclipse during (the picture below shows from where we can see it) during at least 3 hours. The June 5th lunar eclipse will be at its peak at 7:29 PM.

That said, we also will be able to witness the solar eclipse on June 21th if we’re in Asia, Africa or South-East Europe.

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